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The Schiller Shoreline Institute of Lifelong Learning was initiated by the Guilford Foundation and the Madison Foundation. We are affiliated with the Road Scholar Network and sponsored by The Guilford Parks, Recreation & Seniors, and the Madison Senior Services.

We are a volunteer organization that provides two sessions per year. Our Fall schedule runs from early September to December and our Spring schedule begins in March and continues through June.

2024 SSILL Officers

President: Judy Merriam
Secretary: Heather Martin
Treasurer: Gerald Burke

2024 Advisory Board

Rosemary Baggish
Gerald Burke
Richard Hazall
Bo Huhn
Heather Martin
Judy Merriam
Edward Miller
Roger O’Hanlon
Susan E. Smith
Susan Smith
Virginia Czaplicki *
Wendy Oberg *
John Petonito *
Robert Raines *
Onik Tahtakran *
Robert Trupin *


Board Administration
Terry Buckley – GCC
Austin Hall – MSC

Program Committee

Susan Smith, Program Chair
Rosemary Baggish
Joanna Baymiller
Arlene Cohen
Billie Cohen
Doris DeWeiss
Lauren Gaunt
Barb Hazall
Rich Hazall
Mike Meisel
Judy Merriam
Lorraine Tvrdik
Carol VanSteenbergen
Rhona Weiss
Flora White


Would You Like to Volunteer?

Please call or write us if you would like to teach a class, suggest programs for future semesters, or serve on a committee.
GCC (203) 453-8086
MSC (203) 245-5627
Email ssill.ct@gmail.com


Volunteers of SSILL, GCC, MSC are expressly required not to make defamatory statements and not to infringe or authorize any infringement of copyright or any other legal right by any communications. Any such communication is contrary to SSILL policy and outside the scope of the individual concerned. SSILL or GCC and MSC will not accept any liability.

To Register online, click the Button below.

Where to Get Important Notifications & Information

For immediate assistance, please call the Guilford Community Center (203) 453 – 8086

Your email is also a valuable tool to stay connected to important updates! We will notify you as quickly as possible of program changes and cancellations due to weather or other circumstances.


Can't Attend? Call GCC!

Please be considerate! If you are unable to attend a program or trip, please notify the Guilford Community Center as soon as possible. Someone from the wait list would love to take your place!

In addition, each presenter donates his or her time and plans a presentation according to the number of people who register for the program. Room size and preparation are all determined by the number of registrants.



Each person must be a current yearly member to enroll in SSILL programs. Membership is $35 per person and runs from September through June. Please ensure you include your membership fee with your program selections every September.


Gift Certificates

Give the gift of learning and community! Gift certificates may be purchased at the GCC office.

Wait List Informtion

Programs fill up quickly and you may be waitlisted. If you are waitlisted for a program, chances are that you will be able to attend, so mark your calendars accordingly. Every effort will be made to reduce the wait list, including moving the program to a larger venue. If SSILL cannot find a larger venue, it will consider offering the program to the wait list the next semester.

SSILL Newsletter

SSILL emails a monthly newsletter to all members. Any changes in locations, dates or times will be noted for the upcoming month.

Member Responsibilities

As a courtesy to the presenters and attendees, please be sure that all electronic devices are turned off.

We value your participation and input, when appropriate. Please be respectful of others when you are expressing your own thoughts and ideas.


Any views or opinions expressed in the programs are solely those of the presenter and do not necessarily represent those of the Schiller Shoreline Institute for Lifelong Learning (SSILL) or the Guilford Parks, Recreation & Seniors (GCC) and Madison Senior Center (MSC).

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