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by | Nov 22, 2023 | Automation, Communication, Science, Technology

Presenter: Ray Lombra, Professor Emeritus Economics, Penn State University

Professor Ray Lombra

On November 14th, SSILL welcomed Ray Lombra, Professor Emeritus of Economics from Penn State University to enlighten the audience about Artificial intelligence (AI).  AI is perhaps one of the hottest topics in the news these days.  It is not a new concept, as Professor Lombra explained.  We are already living with it every day.

The presentation provided a basic understanding of AI, the evolution of AI, and the future of AI and how it will impact the world in the years to come.  Professor Lombra shared some interesting data relative to the labor market and the various industries that will go through change due to automation and augmentation.


Many people are scared of the impact that AI will have on us, however, Professor Lombra broke it down nicely and gave some assurances that AI is not necessarily all “doom and gloom”.  There are many positive aspects of AI, such as increased productivity.

The program drew well over one hundred people.  The reviews were off the charts. One member cited, “I enjoyed hearing from a professor on this topic.  His presentation was informative and, in many ways, optimistic for our futures”.  Another member exclaimed, “Can he return next year for an update on AI?  Wish I had him when I was an undergraduate”.

Click to watch video excerpts of the Program.

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