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Saving Our African Penguins

by | Apr 4, 2024

Presenter: MaryEllen Mateleska, Educator, Mystic Aquarium

MaryEllen Mateleska, Educator, Mystic Aquarium

The exciting news is that Mystic Aquarium was recently awarded $2 Million in federal appropriation funds to expand its efforts to protect endangered species.   These funds will help save the African Penguins, as well as other endangered species.   The presentation was complete with videos and photos of these precious animals.

On March 26th, SSILL welcomed MaryEllen Mateleska, Educator, Mystic Aquarium talk about the plight of the African Penguin.  The African Penguin is an endangered species, and if we are not able to make the effort to save them, they will become extinct by 2035.  MaryEllen discussed the global effort underway to protect these wonderful animals.

MaryEllen also had graphics and illustrations that educated the membership on all aspects of the life cycles of these animals, both the ones in the aquarium, and also in the wild.   One SSILL member stated, “Wonderful program – one of the best we’ve seen.  She was excellent at communicating the information”.  Another happy member exclaimed, “Excellent presentation!  Lots of important information was given.  She made a point that we all can play a part in this by volunteering to help”.   To learn more about Mystic Aquarium’s initiative to save the penguins, we are providing the link that will direct you to the website:  Click here!

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