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by | Apr 5, 2024

Presenters: Lt. Martina Jakober and St. Bill Roy

Lt. Martina Jakober and St. Bill Roy

They also addressed personal safety and the importance of locking your car and putting valuables out of sight. Unfortunately, they advised, the “bad guys” will often circle around a parking lot and watch who is putting things in the trunk so they can then vandalize or steal that vehicle.

Lieutenant Martina Jacober from the Guilford Police Department and Sergeant Bill Roy from the Madison Police Department, talked to a full house about the common scams today and how to avoid them.

Both officers told real life stories of people who sadly have been scammed out of their entire bank and personal accounts. Be vigilant, they warned. Don’t answer calls from people you don’t know.  Don’t respond to requests to follow links on your computer or requests for money. Both officers assured the audience the two police departments are always working hard to stay ahead of criminals and keep us safe.

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